Elegy for the Oathbinder

Twilight fell upon the silver skies,
the oceans rise extinguishing the sun.
Unheeding stars ignored our plaintive cries,
And now the God of Oaths lies dead and gone.
The ocean’s dark and perilous wave ascending,
Threatening order’s delicate scale.
The Mistress of Death sought our ending,
Hope seemed lost; no chance we could prevail.
The Hero brought his deadly blade to bear,
And smote all those who stood, so great his wrath.
He drove the ocean before him in fear,
Then slew our Hastur; god of where roads cross.
I stand in vigil for the Crossroads God,
The Lord of oath-making and fates entwined,
Stand in vigil; he won’t be forgot,
Into to his service my life I will bind.

– Magister Roshan al-Ha’im, Akkadian Scholar

I like writing poems, even if I’m not very good at it most of the time. This one, though, I’m pretty happy with. It’s something I wrote after a rather eventful session of a LARP campaign.

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