Brute Squad Interludes Writing

Interlude: Old Wounds

A collection of loose pages, torn from a worn leather journal. The pages look to be 15-20 years old.

Tusk disappeared last night. She didn’t show up at the usual time, so I went to check on her, and… fuck. What am I supposed to do now? There’s no leads. No sign of a struggle. She’s just… wind. Nobody saw anything. Nobody heard anything. Nothing anybody wants to tell, and I’ve used just about every trick in the book to get people to talk. Which leaves two options. Either she left by herself and doesn’t want to be found, or she was taken by someone scarier than being gelded by hot steel.

If it’s the first… she would have said something to me, right? We’re best fucking friends. She wouldn’t just leave town without telling me, or at least leaving a clue or a note as to when she’d be back. She’s always done that before, even when she’s been really fucking pissed at us all. To let us know she’s safe, and not to worry. Which means she isn’t.

I… don’t know what to do.

[This section is written in a much heavier, less precise hand, and has some slight reddish-brown staining]

Cobbles is fucking dead. How could he? She went to see him last night to confess her feelings for him, and he doesn’t even let her get a word in. The drunk fuck started unloading on her about how he felt about her and how much he hated how close she and I were and how she should try a “real man” and oh my fucking gods I broke my fist on his face. He’s lucky I was too angry to think about pulling my dagger or he’d be fucking dead. Which he will be if he had anything to do with her leaving. I swear to the fucking gods, I’ll even fucking overthrow our fucking Divine shit-Head Regent if I find out he had anything to do with it.

[a splotch of what is clearly dried blood]

Shit, I think I re-opened the stitches.

Still nothing. I… don’t think Cobbles had anything to do with it. He’s… done nothing but drink since he found out. I never understood that–if you’re drinking, you’re not doing anything to fix the problem. Still, let him pickle himself. Like I fucking care.

She’s been gone too long without contact for this to be normal. Even if she left to get some fresh air, clear her head, punch trees, or whatever it is she does to calm down, she’d have sent word that she was fine by now. None of the guild have heard anything, and none of my contacts have seen or heard anything either. Which, even given her skills, is highly suspicious.

That just leaves one possibility–she got nabbed by someone/something after her fight with Cobbles. Someone either powerful enough to do so without anyone, anywhere, spotting them; or someone terrifying enough to silence all the witnesses without a word. It’s looking like a pretty narrow field of suspects. I could cover more ground if I didn’t have to run the stupid cards. Though. given how today went, I might just be able to request a new gig–fucking rich prick made the con and bled me fucking dry. Vanished without a trace afterwards too. Seems to be a lot of that going around and it fucks me right off.

I’m going to go drop in on Banehands, and see if he’s heard anything. If this is my last entry… well.. I expect you to avenge me (and Dirk, while you’re at it).

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