Brute Squad Interludes Writing

Interlude: Prayers

I know you’re not really the type to actually listen–let alone answer–but… ugh, I can’t believe I’m actually praying to you right now. How fucking desperate must I be, right?

The forest gave way to open fields, and in the distance, a village. Over the gates, the Queen’s banners flapped in the cold wind.

But… I have to believe that you did all this to me for a reason. Other than just as a practical joke. I’m not sure I could actually deal with that right now.

“We will make it before night,” Wolf-puncher said. “Reindeer is with us.”

Just… please watch over those kids. They’re scared, alone, and lost in a strange land, like I once was. They could do with a bit of help from a fellow wanderer.

Naeris sighed, and slipped the holy symbol back under their coat. Ahead, the tired village of Snowbridge waited.

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