Brute Squad Interludes Writing

Interlude: Priority Message

A hawk, carrying a larger-than-usual package thuds into the throne-room, clearly exhausted from its journey. It scrambles towards Queen Beryl, screaming threateningly at anyone that attempts to intercept it–except, oddly, the Queen’s Seneschal, who it allows to pick it up and remove the package. His eyes scan the first few lines and he immediately orders the room to be cleared.


Seneschal Vanadi,

I won’t waste time on pleasantries. We’ve located one of his old hidey-holes and I believe that the entire country is in danger. Further, I have reason to believe this threat is related to the seven-winged abyssal demon-lord we have previously discussed.

While travelling from White Harbour to the final pillar, we happened across a town that did not appear on our maps–your maps have probably been updated since we left, as we found it occupied by friendly forces. While investigating rumours about disappearances and strange lights in a nearby ruined lighthouse, we came across a magical door attached to one of the interior walls (sketch enclosed).

We breached the door to discover an extra-planar sanctum appointed with unfortunately familiar decor. Inside, we ran into the night hag we previously encountered at the old mansion and a spirit naga. The two were engaged in conversation, in what I am told is Abyssal. Further, I have reason to suspect that this sanctum was either located in the Abyss, or is Abyss-adjacent. There was a lovely set of windows that provided quite a macabre view, and it was definitely not an illusion.

Unfortunately, the hag was able to escape by casting banishment upon herself. The naga is currently on the prime material, at the bottom on the ocean. We thought it would be safer than leaving her inside the sanctum to do who-knows-what.

I tell you all of this to provide context for what we discovered. A map of the kingdom, with 6 symbols drawn around the outside, forming a circle. At the rough center, of course, is the capital (map is enclosed). I very much suspect that something terrible is being planned that involves that aforementioned demon-lord.

I have enclosed as many relevant documents as I could copy, and a personal letter to the Queen. The letter is unrelated to this report, and concerns the orphanage. I’d ask you to not read it, but I feel like that would be like trying to ask the sun to move backwards.

– Agent Alleyborn

[ Included with the letter are sheets of paper giving precise, exacting details of all that transpired, and copies of important documents recovered from the sanctum ]

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